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Computer programming tools.


Name / Description Page
The only website FTP client.
GitHub Desktop
Manage repositories using this software.
HTML Help Workshop
The version on this page is the only location where you will find it.
SQL Server
Great database solution for VB MVC Razor websites.

Check out Extra project information for more.

Visual Studio

Name / Description Page
Visual Studio
Microsoft's Windows programming solution.
Add New File
Add new files to any project.
Spell Checker
Solid spell checking.
Web Compiler
Compiles SCSS to *.min.css and *.css from a "Web Compiler" context menu.
Play sound without the need of Windows Media technology.
WPF Animated GIF
Display animated GIFs in your WPF software.

WiX Toolset

Name / Description Page
WiX Toolset
Framework that runs on top of the Windows installer technology.
Compile the .EXE.
Resource Hacker
To change an icon in a DLL or EXE.

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